Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A good time was had

wow. I need to take a deep breath! Catching up on my vacation will be long.....ok...let's begin, shall we?

The trip was wonderful. We had a wonderful time, and it was really relaxing for all of us, though Mike's time was much shorter than mine and Kaia's.

The beginning of it wasn't full of any special news. Mom let me sleep in every (!) morning, which was awesome. I had my hair consultation on Tuesday, and Reiki on Thursday. Mom had actually practiced on me earlier in the week, and got rid of one of my really nasty headaches! Yay mom!!! Kaia and I spent some time with Tania on Wednesday, and Kathy and Bree on Thursday.

Friday was the wedding! Katie looked GORGEOUS!!!! I felt pretty cute in my own dress and newly straightened hair, and Kaia looked adorable in her floor length white dress and pink glitter shoes. The ceremony went off without a hitch, and the reception was a lot of fun. I wish I had gotten more time to talk to some people, such as Carol, but ah well. I did get some time with most people I wanted to. Couldn't drink any of the wine :-( but mom has saved me one of the left over bottles. Katie and James left Sunday for their honeymoon in Hawaii, and I so hope that went splendidly.

Mom said something funny at the reception, and I have to pass it on...(sorry mom!).
Billy Idol singing "White Wedding" started playing, and I was singing along and bobbing about, when mom asked who was singing. I told her, and she said ......ready??

"oh. I've never heard this song.....but then, I never listen to modern music."

hee hee.....still makes me giggle.

Saturday night we spent with Mike and Kathy, and Sunday (Bree is so freaking adorable!!!), after a yummy German pancake at Elmer's, we headed back up to mom's house.

Tuesday we drove up to Bellevue for the interview at the school we want Kaia to go to. It set Mike's mind at ease, and now he's really excited about it too. It's a Waldorf school...if you are interested, do a search and read about it. Very cool stuff. Keep your fingers crossed that we get in! (and that Mike gets a job over there!)

Tuesday we came home, and Kaia had a really hard time getting to sleep. She missed her Granny! She claimed she never ("never ever!") wanted to go to school again, she just wanted to be with her Granny, but this morning she was excited to show her new rocks to her friends.

Casey keeps calling. There is no electricity over in the mall store. This sucks. AND the Internet guy is there to hook it up....


So now I am back at work. Have already had a customer whose phone was turned off despite promises it would not be, and one who has a deposit. He said he could pay by check, which we can't do, so he said he'd run to the bank. He has not been back, big surprise.

My tomatoes are doing wonderfully! I need to transplant them into their forever home. They are making my bedroom smell like tomatoes, which I love, but Mike is skeptical about. All my new plants died, ran out of water....apparently I wasn't clear about the method of watering they required. ah well, no big deal to start them again. I have plenty of seeds. This weekend will be full of catching up on gardening stuff! Hopefully we can visit Andrea too....

Suggestion--should you ever find yourself in Vancouver, Washington, go to Sunrise Bagels on east Mill Plain. Try the Italian Eggel. (It's tasty on a cheese bagel, warmed...) You can thank me later. Preferably with Sunrise Bagel Gift Cards!

okay, enough wasting work hours. (love you John! and CALL CASEY!!)

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mom said...

NO ELECTRICITY?!? NUTS!! How can a store run with no electricity? Just call it a Farmer's Market. Wonder what Kaia's friends thought of her less than spectacular rocks..........perhaps her enthusiasm guided them to think they were missing something....