Thursday, April 26, 2007

All is good....

I'm not blogging as often as I was....quite simply, not much new is going on!

I finally :-) talked to Jason, and he has found himself a girl! He's doing much better over there, and I guess has decided to stay......he's promised to come visit though.

We are going to the circus on Sunday! well, Kaia and I are. Mike is way busy with finals. I can't wait until the end of next week! Neither can he, of course.

so we are going with John, Katia, Liam, Rene, Henry (Andrea's mom and step dad), and Amy's (Andrea's sister) three kids, who are staying with Rene and Henry. Quite the crowd! Dana mentioned her family was going on Saturday, and I thought it would be a lot of fun. I really don't want to drive to Spokane myself though, so mentioned it to Mike. He was definite about his inability to go, so I talked to John. Then he got Rene into it too! I told Kaia about it, before realizing she's never been to a circus. Today I remembered she has gone to a Cirque du Soleil show, but I don't think she remembers it. I told her we'd see elephants, and she wanted to ride one. She feels it's extremely unfair she doesn't get to. At some point I must have mentioned my dislike of clowns around her, because when I mentioned those, she said "I don't know if they will look very good." I told her we could watch other things, which is fine by me! Clowns are creepy and evil. I love trapeze's been awhile since I'VE been to a circus! ooo....cotton candy! popcorn! I need to remember my camera most certainly.

That will leave Saturday for two main goals. Put my damn laundry AWAY and transplant my tomatoes. Secondary goals are plant more plants and clean more. I will be happy if I get the first two done. Ecstatic, in fact.

Mike and I have been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. We have to take a break while he finished this semester, but we've been enjoying it. I don't really like Sarah Michelle Gellar, but I don't let that bother me. I love the series. They just introduced Seth Green, though we don't know he's a werewolf yet. I love Seth Green. Good thing I'll never actually meet him, because he's apparently very short, which would ruin his sexiness for me. Spike has also recently entered the scene, and I have a bit of a crush on him too....though I'm slightly embarrassed to say so..... Angel just bothers me, not sure why. I don't find him cute, and his whole "poor me I'm a vampire with a soul" bit is just annoying.

Baby is doing fine, I'm finally showing a bit! At work it doesn't show since I wear a loose polo shirt, but on the weekends I can start showing it off now that's it's warming up.

I'm finally caught up on all my bills! I was behind from when I missed work in February, but it's all taken care of now! Feels so much better! One of the coolest parts was that the bank that I have my car loan through actually let me skip a month to catch up since my payment history had been so good before this time. Yay me! Now just need to get the MasterCard to zero and we will be rockin'! Not much more to go on that either.....then Mike and I plan to leave it open but at zero, and we have one other credit card we use for groceries and such, but keep the balance low. our credit is getting better and better!

okay, that post was longer than I had anticipated. Adios for now! Smile, the SUN IS OUT!!

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mom said...

Many blessings, much to be pleased about, so much in the midst of all the S-T-U-F-F, an oasis.