Friday, February 01, 2008

Ben got some shots today. It was very sad, he was so smiley at the nurse before she poked him four times. He screamed all the way to the car, where I nursed him until he fell asleep. He's still in in car seat, on the floor, sleeping. Poor little dude.

Although, speaking from experience, shots at this age - four months- are SO much easier than shots at the older ages when they KNOW you are letting some stranger hurt them, and you TRY to explain, but really, kids just don't understand about measles, mumps, and rubella. They just know that you are helping to hold them down while needles are shoved into their skin.

I told Kaia this morning that I was taking Ben in, and she told me that on her next visit, she will be "the bravest girl ever!" for her shots. She's so wonderful. Last time, (on her 6th year one) she had to have 4...two in each thigh. I had promised her before we went that she could have $1 for each shot to spend at the dollar store after her appointment. Stupid me, didn't think about the fact that her legs would be SORE, so I ended up having to cart her 6 year old self around the dollar store while she sniffled and tried to get more comfortable while looking for 4 things to get. Next time, I think we'll go with ice cream, purchased BEFORE the shots.

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