Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In Which I Show Off My New Sling (Kind of)

So I've been trying to figure out what kind of baby carrier I wanted to get. The Snugli which I adored throughout Kaia's babyhood was simply not working for Ben. I looked at the Moby Wrap, and the Baby Hawk Mei Tai, and then found the Slingling. (Feel free to look up any of these if you want to see what they are. I don't have time to link to them.) I was this close to getting a Baby Hawk Mei Tai, when I decided to get a Slingling. Why, specifically, I don't know, but I did. We ordered one for Mike in his size too. Today I got them, and tried mine on. I so far really like it! It frees up my hands, and unlike the Mei Tai, if Ben falls asleep, I can finagle him sideways and he can just sleep in there while I continue to work. When he's a bit older, he can be on my back in it, and right now he can be on my hip or front. It distributes the weight much better than the Snugli does. I can't wait to try it out while we are out and about!

My head is cut off at the top because Kaia took the picture and doesn't yet know how to turn the camera. I do have my hands on him in the picture, but they don't need to be. He's quite secure in there without holding him!

Now you are asking yourself, where's the picture? Well, I just noticed it showed an unflattering view of my stomach, so need to retake one. Please check back at another time. Thanks!

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