Tuesday, February 19, 2008

quickly, quickly

I'm not sure how far I'll get before Ben decided he's not happy in his jumperoo, so I'll have to use bullets for now....

  • The week Kathy and Brianna were here was awesome. We just hung out chatting like old times. Brianna is just amazing and I am glad I get to see her as often as I do, but I wish it were more!

  • Two weeks ago, Kathy, Brianna, me, Kaia, and Ben went to visit Tania and Simon. We had a marvelous time. It's so nice to have friends that I know I can be me around. Life may throw changes at us, we may all live in different cities now, but I know they will always be there.

  • This past weekend, Mike and I and the kids went back down to see Tania and Simon, and my family. Again, amazing time, Kaia had a lot of fun with her Uncle Mick and Aunt Katie at dinner. She's staying with her Granny and Grumpy until tomorrow, what a lucky girl to have such a close relationship with them!

  • Mike and I have decided to pare down what we do on the computer and do more family stuff. The paring for me will include a major shortening of the blog-list I read and only checking email twice a day, compared to 5-6 times a day while Ben is eating or sleeping (that time can be used for so many other things)

  • In seeming contrast to the last, I am going to try to bring back Glimpse of the Day. Every evening I will try to quickly post a single photo from our day.

  • Today I am going to Natasha's to learn felting! My first project is going to be a rattle for Ben. After I get good enough, I already have several projects in mind! I have NO idea how expensive dyed wool is, better find out!

That seems like I'm condensing the last couple weeks down way too far, but I don't really have time for more...I will leave you will a photo!

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Carol Chen Lord said...

I guess Mike took the photo, right? It's a great shot. I'd like to have a copy...