Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Morning

Ben has a bit of a sniffly nose that kept him restless all night, which means I was restless all night. I had decided to sleep this morning with him during his morning nap, but of course now I am just slightly too awake to do that, but I don't want to put him down and risk waking him up--he really needs to get some solid sleep.

so here we are, on the couch, he is laying on top of me sleeping, and I am almost done being able to waste time on the computer. Also, there is cleaning to be done! and if I DO decide to just sleep, I know that at the exact moment I begin to drift off, he will begin to wake up, which will just make me grouchy.

Maybe I'll work on planning Kaia's room. We are getting her some new furniture to help the clutter issue and make it easier for her to clean her room by herself.

KATHY AND BRIANNA ARE COMING TONIGHT!!!!!!!!! We are all so excited to see them!! This weekend we are really hoping to go down and see Tania and Simon (Tania, do NOT let me forget to get a pic of all three of us for your album!) Kathy and Brianna are staying for a whole week, it will be so nice to be able to hang out with them again. Last time I saw Kathy I was so tired from Ben's birth, I honestly don't remember much of the visit. (except a really funny cookie dough story which I keep meaning to write about...will soon)

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