Saturday, February 23, 2008

Women are from Venus, Men are from Alpha Centari

The simple phrase "Let's clean the house." Seems clear, yes? Apparently, this means different things to men and women. Or my man and me, at least.

To me, it means dishes, pick up living room, clean bathroom, do laundry, etc.

To Mike? It always seems to mean disappear into the office and spend a couple hours taking things out of bins and trying to find homes for them, fixing a chair that has been broken for weeks (but that was okay, because we don't use it)and install our new DVD burner. These are all things that need to be done, yes, but don't fall under MY version of "let's clean the house".

Ah well. I love the man dearly, so put up with these strange differences in our personalities. After all, he puts up with with my odd ideas too.

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John Adler said...

That "weirdness" is also why we men love you so much.