Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February In Review

Who knows how long THIS will last, we all know how I am with making blogging promises then completely forgetting about them....but I am going to TRY to do a month in review each month. (mom? remind me?)

February was a really awesome month. Kathy and Brianna came up to visit, and we went down the visit Tania, then Mike, Kaia, Ben and I went back down the next weekend and visited my family and Tania and Simon again! Ben is starting to eat food, and growing so fast! Kaia is enjoying her school. We are all REALLY enjoying our time here.

Here's Ben eating some squash. This is, I think, the second time he'd tried food. He is starting to like it a bit more each time.

Here I am with the purple barrette Kaia gave me. This is about what I look like in the mornings when I take Kaia to school. Can you tell how much I care about my appearance at 7:45 in the morning?!

Kathy holding Ben! I know it looks like Kaia has Brianna up against the wall in the background, but she doesn't. They are running around the house, and having a great time.

Here is Simon with the kids! This was a fun series to take, as he had to try to sit with three squirming kids and try to get a good picture! It was quite amusing....for me, Kathy, and Tania!

Here is Brianna holding Ben. She is getting so big! I wish I could see her more often, she's growing up without me!

Kaia sitting on Simon's bike. She is so cool, can you tell?

I just realized there are no pictures of Mike here...sorry, will do better next month!

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