Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Morning, early

Here were my two darlings this morning, along with my two cats, all hanging out together listening to Disney's version of Sleeping Beauty being read by Kaia. We are trying to patiently wait for Kathy and Brianna to wake up, and I have let Kaia stay home from school to visit.

I wish to point out a couple of details--

First, notice the sweetest bit--Ben holding on to Kaia's arm. He actually was holding on to it more, but moved his hands before I could capture it. This is pretty darn sweet though.

Second, notice the "tattoo" on Kaia's chest. She loves fake tattoos. Actually, to be precise, she loves tattoos, and is usually quite pissed off that they aren't permanent. Someday she will thank me for not letting her get a sparkly dragonfly emblazoned on her chest, but for now she is deeply disappointed as well as bath-shy.


Andrea said...

What a couple of cuties! Cats look happy too, and I kinda see your new painting. Cool.

Katia recently got some tattoos with a Dragonology calendar. They were almost impossible to get off. Liam went around looking like he had a horribly disfigured face for a while. His dragon tattoo was red.

Enjoy your visit with Kathy and Briana!

Carol Chen Lord said...

These wonderful moments are those I missed the most when my children were young. Thank god for the blog. It brings me so much joy just to read about your everyday life, and I bet so much joy for you (and the kids) to look back when they are grown.