Monday, May 21, 2007

yeah, I kinda knew him....he was my sister's husband's ex-roommate's cousin's aunt's friend. It doesn't matter WHO it is, folks.

This past weekend we had a sniper shooting in a town very near to where I live. My first reaction to hearing about it was shock, horror, amazement that it could happen in such a small town, and sadness for the people who knew the victims. However, after a few minutes, my thoughts moved on to other other things, and though occasionally came back, I continued on with my day to day moments of laughter and complaints.

This morning Mike and I dropped Kaia off at preschool. On the way in, I noticed one of the workers looked sad, but I quickly forgot about it. However, upon signing Kaia in, I read a note attached to the log-in sheet. It informed us that the officer who had been killed in shooting was the husband of one of my daughter's teachers.

This suddenly makes it personal, and so much more horrible. I had never met this man, so it could have been much much worse, but I am now connected to his death. All the teachers are so obviously near tears, and yet trying to still be cheerful for their students. This isn't supposed to happen in such a small town!

This isn't supposed to happen ANYWHERE. People should not be able to take out their personal feelings of angst or wrongdoing on others. EVERY shooting should feel this personal to all of us. We are all connected to every human on this planet. Every person who dies has a mother, a sister, a many people who have suddenly lost one of the most important people in their lives. All because some asshole felt the world had done him wrong and felt justified in spraying bullets at random people.

This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I don't care what kind of fucked up life you have had handed to you by fate, there is nothing in this universe that gives you the right to fuck up someone else's life.

Do I have a solution? No. Unfortunately, I feel helpless. I am ignorant about what we can do, as People of the World, to fucking STOP ALL THIS CHAOS.

Do you know? Can you let me know, please?

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Tory said...

So sorry to hear about this. Do I have any answers? No. I dont think anyone does. The world is full of screwed up people who just want others to hurt like they do. there is no answer, unfortuntely.
Take care