Thursday, May 24, 2007

If there is a god......

There will be wars and holocausts and genocides as long as God is portrayed and thought of as a tight-minded Legislator, a feudal Lord, and offended King, a hypersensitive Artisan-even if church managers condescendingly tack on that ridiculous list the not-very-convincing footnote that He is also loving.
As long as people dream on that they are insecure and needy and in some sort of eternal jeopardy, there will be atrocities.
But as the human race grows up spiritually, and as individuals gain a personal experience of the God they have been worshiping in fear, they will recognize that much of their theology and philosophy is built on nightmares.
That will be the day of rethinking of presuppositions and of vested positions.
That will be the day of peace.

George Fowler
Dance of a Fallen Monk

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