Wednesday, May 23, 2007

6:47 am

For the last few weeks, more often than not, I haven't been sleeping well. I will wake up multiple times at night, and toss and turn for awhile before going back to sleep. Almost every night, one of these times, I will look at the clock and it will say 6:47. The other times I wake up are random, and I almost never even think to look at the clock, much less have it be the exact same time! I would say I've looked at the clock at 6:47 am probably about 6-10 times. Now, it's not actually 6:47 am because my bedroom clock is set fast. I don't know how much. I've been awake for about 5 minutes and the computer says 6:46 am right now.

This didn't deserve quite such a long post. It's just odd, in my opinion. Wonder what is significant about that time that wakes me up every morning?

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