Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Direction (If I can remember I even wrote this entry)

I am going to change up what I do here a bit. No one is interested in my day to day stuff, not even me. The main reason I was doing that was because one of the purposes of this blog is to keep a record of ME, in all my boring glory, for my kids to read years hence. But I think I can do that in other ways. you know, like when they are sick, and HAVE to listen to whatever I am saying for hours on end. Or on my deathbed, when they have to pretend everything I am saying is ultra-important, because after all, I am dying.

So first, you may have noticed a new part to my blog, the box. It seems to lag behind my actual twitterings, so click on the link to see everything I decide to randomly twitter. It's not necessarily more interesting, but it's in much smaller doses.

The other part is that I may be blogging less often. I want to try to have actual reasons to blog, not just that it's been a day or two since my last entry. I can't promise my reduced entries will be more entertaining, but they may give more insight into Me. Which will hopefully be more interesting to my kids later than how often I did laundry.

if you care to be involved, let me know if there is anything about Me that you would like to know. Ask one question, ask fifty, I'll answer them all, no matter the content! Or just list any topics you would like to know my opinion on. Trust me, I have an opinion on most everything, though not always an educated or logical one.

and someone, please ask SOMETHING. or I may feel unloved. ;-)

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