Saturday, May 26, 2007

sorting scrapbooking paper is fun...or not....

It's been an interesting mix of laziness and productivity today. My parents left this morning, after another wonderful breakfast out. On the way out, they stopped with me at U-haul, so I could finally return the boxes I bought months ago when we were going to move. On the way back from that, I went to Michael's and Jo-Ann's to get scrap booking stuff. By the grace of God, I spent almost EXACTLY the amount I had planned on (was even a little under)!

I got the book to use for the baby's baby book, and two smaller books to use for my idea of making matching (except for boy/girl differences) albums to give to my kids when they are adults. They will each have the same pictures in them, of the two kids together. I'm very excited to start on them, already got some duplicate quotes and similar paper to use for them! I think I can make them very similar but feminine and masculine according to child.

Then I came home and Mike took the car to various things of school-ish nature. I took turns being lazy on the couch and getting chores done. I filled almost two more bags to go to Goodwill, and cleared out the area where the baby dresser will go! Hoping to get Mike to put it together soon....

Kaia had a fun time finger painting the kitchen floor and a small piece of cardboard, and still isn't in bed....though she's been bathed!

Tomorrow I am hoping to go out to Andrea's, get some time outside and let Kaia run around wild.

Gonna have a baby boy...oh my! :-)


Traveler said...

You didn't say anything about how Michael reacts to his baby boy. Of course "happy," anything else?
I know guys don't share their feelings much. Just curious.

Andrea said...

Is Mike coming out with you today? Too bad the weather didn't stay nice!