Saturday, May 12, 2007


Kaia sang a little song to herself while I did her hair this of the lyrics went like this..... "Listen to yourself, don't listen to your paaaareeeents"

Went and saw In the Land of Women with Dana last Sunday. I was really glad to see her again, we haven't gotten together for while. Next weekend, Kaia and I will be having a sleepover at her house!

Going to Liam's birthday party today! He's

Three conversations that Andrea and I had with the inscrutable small children last Monday at her place:

Heading toward Liam to help him out of the tree he is stuck in, Andrea says "This is why I
told you not to climb trees when I'm not out here with you."
Liam quite indignantly answers "I'm not climbing trees!!"

Walking down one of Andrea's roads, Mama Cat comes streaking by, running for all she's
worth. Kaia comes running after her, yelling "Mama Cat!! Mama Cat!!"
I call after her "Don't chase the cat!"
Without stopping, and with shock I would suggest such a thing, she answers "I'm not chasing
the cat!"

Kaia goes outside, thinking Liam is following her, which he's not. From outside, she began to
yell his name "Liam!! Liam!!! Where are you!?"
I call out the window "Liam is inside!"
Liam comes out of his room looking confused "Why?"

Baby is moving quite a bit, especially at night. Can't wait to find out if we're having a boy or a girl!

For Mother's Day, Mike is cleaning out my car....very cool! I am assuming I will also get a bit pampered and allowed to be lazy, we shall see.

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Traveler said...

Happy Mother's Day, Della. You are the most beautiful mother and mother-to-be-again I have even seen. Lucky Mike!