Thursday, January 31, 2008

update on valentine project!

This is for the mom who commented below, asking if I had gotten any ideas for homemade valentines yet--

I am taking my friend Tania's idea- she sent me an email instead of commenting on here.

My aunt brought over a bunch of scrapbook style paper for us to choose from and we are making bookmarks for the kids in her class. I will be posting pictures when we are done, but we are doing something pretty basic. There will be three hearts in a row, with the middle one the biggest. The middle one will say "Happy Valentine's Day". Then in the top and bottom hearts will be two more hearts, the top one will say "To: Various Child" the bottom one will say "From Kaia". Then we'll string a ribbon through the top and tie a knot!

I'm having Kaia do most of the work, though it's hard for me not to try to do it myself so that it's "neater". She is very proud of her crookedly cut out hearts, as she should be, and is really looking forward to handing them out. She is also doing all the writing. I am tracing the hearts for her to cut, cutting out the base of the bookmark, and tying on the ribbon. She is cutting, writing, and gluing. Like I said, I'll post pictures of the final product!

Thank you Aunt Carol, for the beautiful paper, and Tania, for the wonderful idea!
(and hey, Anonymous Waldorf Mom who wrote- let me know what you decided to do!)

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