Friday, January 25, 2008

In Which I Show A More Pathetic Side

On the sign up sheet table today was the festival/celebration list for Kaia's school. I idly glanced over it and saw this:

Valentine's Day- Please bring homemade valentines for everyone in the class. Give yourself two weeks to prepare.

ummm..... Hmm. I think (I am assuming they will give us a list soon?!) there are about 12 kids in her class. Which is better than my first thought, remembering that in her last class there were 25. So...12 homemade valentines. I can do that, I know I can. (well, Kaia and I can. Mostly Kaia, if I can keep my hands off) But does anyone have any cool ideas for us? For an All Natural, All The Time sort of valentine? (and how wrong is it that I did an Elmo reference that probably only Kathy will get for a subject in a school that promotes no TV watching? and, Kathy, you do get it right?! I'm not being too obscure?!) ANYWAY. Any ideas? I KNOW I shouldn't be worrying about what the other parents will think, but this is our first project that will be taken to school, and then home to each of the kids' houses...and I have NO IDEA what they expect from it. NO IDEA what the other kids' valentines will look like. So what I want is a valentine that I will be proud of, but doesn't scream "look how all natural and all Waldorf we can be!" cause I don't WANT to buy into the whole competitive bit...

SO. In short (HA!) I want an idea for valentines that would be something I would do normally (on a more creative day), that shows our own personalities (yet I'm asking YOU for suggestions, yes I am pathetic), that doesn't look too overly thought out or trying to hard to impress and that's CHEAP TO DO.

so, yeah. feel free to laugh at me, but then give me something, ok?


Carol Chen Lord said...

How about 12 mid-size cookies each with one classmate's name on? And several for the teachers?

mom said...

Carol's idea is good--or how about keeping a paper Valentine simple--like two or three layers of color, you know, and one of them with ribbon running through at the outside edge--do you have a paper punch? Oh yes, I recall you have shaped ones! And then a to-the-point message of '....friendship--what a wonderful thing!...I am glad to be getting to know YOU!!'

Carol Chen Lord said...

Hey, Sarah's is a great idea. AND if you decide to go with that, I can bring you a lot of different color paper. I have tons and they are all very different in texture, color, pattern, etc.... Let me know.