Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Staying Home Today

Kaia is home sick today. She came into the bed last night with a tummy ache, and couldn't fall back asleep because of it. It's so hard to tell with her when she's actually feeling sick and when she just wants to get out of something. Since there's nothing to get out of, she likes school, and the stomach ache woke her up, I am assuming it's real. She is in my bed eating toast now, with Ben laying next to her keeping her company. He's always cheerful in the morning, and doesn't need to be carried around constantly.

Ben and I had a moms' group play date this morning at Barnes and Noble, with free coffee! That is disappointing to miss, but I am hopeful that maybe she will nap later, possibly at the same time Ben does, and that means I can too! This is a very small hope, but there none the less. She doesn't remember yet that today is library day, which she will be missing. I am hoping that will keep any ideas of claiming to be sick to miss school other times at bay.

she is calling, must go!

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