Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Finally Back Online!

The move went well. Some setbacks and things not going completely to plan, but overall it went smoothly. The drive here was a bit harrowing (whoever is in control of the lines on the road, the Snoqualmie Pass needs your attention pronto.)

I meant to do this before, so that I could write a more detailed post about the move, but didn't, and now it is a bit of a blur. OH! Found an EXCELLENT Thai restaurant within WALKING distance of our apartment! Oh so yummy food, and Kaia found a new dish she likes—garlic prawns!

Kaia started her new school Monday, and LOVES it!! She is going from first grade, and having to sit at a desk most of the day doing paperwork, to kindergarten (she is in a Waldorf School, they do things a bit differently) where she is moving and singing and playing all day. Needless to say, she prefers this one! Her favorite part so far is playing in the woods behind the school climbing trees!

Mike is enjoying work, though feeling at loose ends a bit after the grueling timetable of full time school. He has decided to ride the bus to and from work each day, as it is MUCH cheaper than the parking pass, and takes about the same amount of time. He leaves at 6:45 to get to work an hour later, and leaves work at 4:30, taking the same amount of time to get home. This, for me, is one reason that I don’t want him to stay there forever. He likes the people he works with, and thinks that once they let him start coding, he’ll have a good time at work!

My schedule is this: I get up at 6:30 and make coffee for me and tea for Mike and feed Ben. If I can (meaning if Ben will play in his jumper!), I empty the dishwasher. I wake Kaia up at 7, and we eat breakfast together. Then we get dressed and ready to go. It’s been very easy going in the mornings and we have not been rushed or stressed. We leave here about 5 minutes to 8, and it takes about 20 minutes to get to her school. Then I come back home and do some chores, again if Ben lets me! At noon I leave to pick Kaia up, and we do any errands we need to do. Today we went to the library, a weekly habit we want to get into and Kaia got her own library card…she’s quite proud of it, it was hard for her to keep it in her pocket! She got two books and I got five….almost done with the first one already, and I only read while nursing Ben! We have a relaxing afternoon with some cleaning, some reading, some cuddling, and whatever else we want to do! I like it.

I love having Mike free to spend time with us at night. I love having Kaia go to this school. I love having just Ben in the mornings and Kaia home in the afternoons.

I am quite happy.


Carol Chen Lord said...

Oh, sorry to know that it takes Mike an hour to work... Does it mean you might think about "moving" again?

mom said...

Perhaps when he gets to come home for those 'every-other-Fridays', it will seem more worth the long days--I hope so! And of course, more time spent with him over-all as there is no homework! Hopefully he will get more time to sleep now......aaahhhhhh.....
Does the front-pack help at all while doing chores? I remember using mine ALOT when Mick and Kate were small--there was no other way, with the two small ones--and even then one or the other had to spend some time unhappily elsewhere, watching (or not--"Waaaaahhhhh!!")