Sunday, January 20, 2008

Trying to be a Social Animal.

Hello! I know I've been a bit lax in posting, it's amazing how busy I am even though I have nothing to do but raise kids.....

This morning the kids and I went to another Meetup ( is very cool) event for one of the groups for moms I joined. It was at one of their houses, and was a lot of fun. Kaia was the oldest, and Ben was the youngest! Most of the kids were 1-3 years old. Kaia was so sweet, having to put up with several little kids constantly taking whatever she was playing with. She got upset at first, but learned quickly to just move on to something else. The other moms did try to monitor it, but it was just something she was going to have to deal with, since she was so much older than they were, and they were many.

The women were really nice, but my real goal with these groups is to find one or two women that I really hit it off with. I don't like not having friends close by! Tania is busy with something I haven't posted about because she hasn't made it public knowledge yet, so she isn't able to come up to visit yet....though I plan to go to her SOON. Kathy of course is now even FARTHER away than she was....and Andrea is back "home". I wonder when this will be "home"? I am happy here, and doing well, but I am ready to be done with the transition period.

Maggie and Josh, the two people we visited last week, are coming next Saturday with their son Ben. I really like Maggie, and have cautious hopes. I've never moved somewhere (as an adult) where I didn't already have friends, and I am a bit lonely. My aunt and uncle live close, but they of course are very busy with their own things....have to remember to invite them over soon though!

Gotta get going, we are walking to the store for a couple things! It's bright and sunny out today!

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Carol Chen Lord said...

Hey, I am thinking going to see you this coming Sunday after I drop off Michael at the airport, and before I drive up to Vancouver. I could spare a few hours if you guys are up for a visit. If so, I will bring Kaia's "candy" - remember? She was banned for a week last time we met. And if you and Mike need to go out for a coffee or lunch, I can babysit, too. Love doing that.