Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In Which I Use WAY Too Many Capitol Letters...But Don't Care.

This afternoon was the third week we've done Wednesday Library Day, and the second week we've done Story Time at the Library (the first week we were opening our accounts at that time). And I have to say....

The library ROCKS. I had forgotten how fun it is to bring home a bunch of books FOR FREE. My Acquiring Nature likes to BUY books so I will then HAVE THEM FOREVER should I LOVE THEM. However, I tend to forget how few of the books I buy do I actually LOVE. This way I can read whatever I want guilt free!

And Story Time! Kaia is the oldest kid there, but that doesn't bother her. The Person In Charge is just that...and she has no problem telling the misbehaving kids that they Better BEHAVE or ELSE. But she is also a great Reader To Children, and does an excellent job of mixing books and songs so Kaia, as well as most of the other kids, doesn't lose interest. At the end Kaia picks a book from the pile the Story Teller has that are related to the day's subject - today it was laughing- then we head to the Children's Biography section where Kaia picks out a few more books about Real People. This is her choice, not mine....I don't usually like non-fiction, but Kaia loves biographies! Today she picked out ANOTHER one about Helen Keller, one about Dakota Fanning, and one about a deep sea ocean explorer.

Then we head to the Adult Fiction section and I browse the books that are at eye level, since I am carrying Ben in the front carrier. I pick out 3-4, and we head to the checkout, where Kaia gleefully runs the show, expertly scanning the books and putting them in our bag.

I am so glad I started doing's fun for all of us. Even Ben seems to like Story Time - he will actually let me SIT while we listen!

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granny said...

tell Kaia that her Granny used to LOVE biographies the very best! Went through them like breakfast!