Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Written while being elbowed and begged for breakfast

I love getting up early in the morning. Now, before, if you know me, you suffocate while trying to hold back the laughter, or strain your neck searching for flying pigs, let me explain.

I DON'T usually get up early. I LOVE TO SLEEP IN TOO. If I don't have an early morning commitment-that I can't get out of-then it's next to impossible to get up early, if I don't choose to.

What I love are those mornings when I wake up early and just....want to get up. It was 7 am this morning when that happened, and I have had breakfast, drank some coffee, and read my favorite blogs.

I have also cuddled a bit with my daughter, but that has turned into her complaining about me being on the computer and begging to be fed. Sheesh, kids these days! Sometimes she even asks more than once a day for food!

Plans for this day include shopping for Thanksgiving pie and veggies with Andrea, doing dishes and laundry (though what day doesn't include those two!?), buying snow boots for my daughter, and sledding down our back hill with Kaia. All in all, a good plan, don't you think?

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Traveler said...

Usually when I enjoy getting up early that means I feel excellent about my life. Is it the same for you?