Sunday, November 11, 2007

no really, THIS time I'll actually do it!*

have I ever mentioned my lack of follow-through-ed-ness? No? But you know anyway? How'd you guess? oh....the DOZENS of posts that start "I have a new goal!!" then you never hear about how it went? that's cause it didn't. Went. Go. whatever.

I really mean to follow through on things. I have gads of enthusiasm for everything I start. then....

It's not that I am flaky. Well, obviously I am, but not deep down. I am actually quite a reliable person when it's important.

I don't lose interest....I don't get frustrated. I FORGET. out and out, complete amnesia. someone will bring up a goal..."so, how're the simplicity lessons going?" and I will look at them, blankly at first. then it will hit me what the hell they are talking about. "OH!!! RIGHT!!!" I will shriek, making them regret mentioning anything. "umm...yeah....well....I forgot...."

"Oh..." they will say. "You seemed so enthusiastic about it."

"Yeah....I was....I mean am....well...yeah...." I will lamely mutter.

I would prefer to think of it as an endearing quirk than a horribly annoying fault. I guess that depends on how much you love me, eh?

*can't you just smell the sarcasm?!

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