Tuesday, November 27, 2007

at 8:43 am

Today is Ben's 2 month check up! The good news is we can find out just how plump he is! The bad news is he has to have shots...poor kid. Actually, Kaia is due for one, too, but I haven't made her go in yet...need to do that.
Ben was fussy until after midnight last night. He's not quite colicky, but close. I am looking forward to be done with that particular phase.

A few "snapshots" of what's around me:

My hair is quite wild and in my face.
My coffee is cold.
Ben is smiling up at the fish on his swing--wait, no, he's fussing...oh! he's better now.
Mike has just went up to the bathroom.
It is FREAKIN' COLD outside. 34 degrees according to iGoogle.
It has become almost impossible for me to go bra-less and not end up with milk stains on my shirt.
Ben's eyes are opening and closing in time with his swing.
I really REALLY want to go back to bed.
This post is going nowhere.


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