Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day Three *cough*twoforme*cough*

apparently I need to just not commit to writing. It makes my brain go blank. I have no interesting, insightful, or humorous topics to write about today, I am sorry.

here are a few random thoughts, however, for your perusal.

--Today we went to Andrea's. Mike went too!

--I am not sure I can nurse for a full year, unless he stops the daily frenzy in which he eats CONSTANTLY for varied lengths of time.

--I want to get rid of my chemical cleansers-how the hell do you dispose of them?!

--we might know soon where Mike will be working.

--Symphony chocolate bars are the way to my heart.

--also, cake.

--Kaia has a Strawberry Shortcake game. We are all flummoxed on how to get them back to the damn cookie party. It's very very annoying.

--I want to go take a bath, and this isn't very interesting night!

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