Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Views That Make Ben Smile

Here is what Ben sees from the places he smiles most.
The reason there is very little color is because apparently that's about what babies his age see...theoretically and in general. I did not run the photos by Ben to make sure they were correct...and how would he know?!
Okay, so here's the first one. It seems like he's below that shelf, which seems a bit precarious, but he is not actually below it...just FYI. This is in our bathroom, and this is what he looks at most of the time when I am taking a bath. This particular angle is his favorite.

Here we see what he sees while I am holding him in bed. The black-on-white must please him, because he grins at the wall every time I put him up there.

Here we have the view when he is in my lap, but not nursing. He finds the curtain and the couch pattern hilarious.

Here we come to the view he has while in his swing. The fish spin, and there are lights. This pleases him, sometimes. At other times, it enrages him.

And here is his view when he is eating, which is often. I actually am usually looking down at him, but that picture did unflattering things to my chin. I don't mind if he sees that, but you don't need to! He most likely sees a bit more boob, as well. That is also unnecessary for your viewage.


mom said...

this is hilarious, Del. I am going to direct folks to look at your blog today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Della
This is Nessa popping over from Sarah One Beam - aka Mum :-)
Great Blog - wouldn't it be wnderful if we could get inside a baby's head and know what they ae thinking and how their new little brains are translating what they are seeing - it sure would be fascinating!
Glad you are all well