Saturday, December 29, 2007

a whole lotta cupcakes

sitting on the couch waiting for the second batch-the white-cupcakes to cool enough to frost. Half of them with vanilla, half with chocolate, just like the chocolate cupcakes. Kaia wants her friends to have choices tomorrow. Which is why I now have 18 cupcakes waiting for FOUR little girls to each pick one. This is an important party for her though, so I want it to be perfect for her. She already was disappointed that only three girls could come, everyone else is either on vacation, didn't return my call, or in the case of one was the wrong phone number.

Mike has WONDERFULLY agreed to take them all out to play in the snow, after which we will eat Kaia's choice for lunch, sandwiches and nacho cheese Doritos. Then cupcakes, then some in the house playing if there's still time. I'm hoping there's not, isn't that selfish of me? ;-)

This time next week I will be in my new house!! I am so excited to unpack and put everything in it's new place, to show my family the apartment I chose, and to put my clothes in my new walk-in closet! Then on the 7th, Mike starts work, and Kaia starts at her new school. She is getting more and more excited about it. We looked at the class list and learned the names of her new classmates. She has her apron for cooking, her slippers for wearing indoors, her raincoat for going outside for recess, her lunch box and basket for...well, lunch, of course.

My dad will be bringing up the crib, so Ben will have a new place to sleep. Kaia will have a new bed, too, as well as a new dresser. We'll have another bookshelf and a coffee table!

I think the cupcakes might be cool enough. So I will stop this incessant babbling and let you get back to more interesting things!

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