Thursday, December 20, 2007

Proud of My Man

I can't believe I haven't brought this up yet, I guess since all my readers know me, so already know, I didn't think it was necessary, but I have changed my mind.

My husband, rockin' smart guy that he is, has graduated! and managed, even with two kids and a wife, to graduate magna cum laude!! He has a cumulative GPA of 3.75 and in his department (computer science) a GPA of 3.85! My man is awesome, isn't he? He was really worried about this semester since he was taking some hard classes and Ben came right at the beginning of it, but he did really well, two A's and two A-'s, which raised his GPA!

He is SO HAPPY to be DONE DONE DONE. I am SO HAPPY he is done too!! When we told Kaia she no longer had to hear the words "Sweet, I have homework to do right now", she practically cried she was so excited.

So yeah. He's graduated, has a job, and we are moving to begin anew in three weeks.

YAY, us!!!!!

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Carol Chen Lord said...

I wanted to say I KNEW IT. I KNEW he would do great. BUT, I don't want to sound like a smart "S" (Ha, ha, ha.)

I told Micheal about the 3.85. He said, "Of course he did." So, not only one smart "S" in this household.

We are so happy for him and for you and for the babies. They are so lucky to have you as parents. Can't wait to help you move...

I love you guys.