Wednesday, December 05, 2007

baby steps...

My propensity for making new goals, then completely forgetting about them is known. So I haven't really posted anything about the new things I've been doing in my quest to live a little more Green. (I just found that website, actually....gonna look more into it.)

But I've actually followed through on some things for this goal, so thought it was time to talk a bit about it. Also, Ben is asleep and I want a reason not to have to get up and do dishes....


First--Andrea and I found these bags for $1 each, and I bought five to use instead of grocery bags.

I confess I have forgotten them occasionally...but I am getting better!

Second, I used money sent by my grandmother -she wanted me to get a diaper service. While I appreciate the gesture, I am not a cloth diaper sort of person. However, I do care that (did you know this?!) diapers take 500 years to decompose. This means every diaper EVER made is still in existence, and will be for hundreds of years more. I thought about going cloth for about 2.5 seconds, but sadly, it is not for me. However! I discovered g diapers ! So I used the money to buy the initial supplies and a bunch of liners for those. The liners break down completely in very little time, OR, you can flush them! Right now I am still using disposable diapers when I go out, but after I am used to using the g diapers, will exclusively use those.

Third, I am switching over to using natural products for household cleaning. After I move, I plan to use vinegar, baking soda and lemon for most of my cleaning needs. (does Costco sell those things in bulk? anyone know?) I will be taking my chemical cleansers to the waste disposal at the dump so they can dispose of them safely and NOT buying any more!

I am also trying to use more natural products for everything, shampoo, etc. many natural products still have things that aren't good, such as parabens, but I'm doing my best to pay attention to what I put on or in my body!

There will be other ways I go more environmentally safe, will go into details later! Ben's awake....

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