Friday, December 21, 2007

Good Friday

Today was spectacular. I will tell you why, but please know that nothing ultra exciting happened. I will reach the end of my tale, and you will probably wonder why I am so thrilled. Also, it's only 2:30, so there is so much more of the day to enjoy! I may post again later if more cool things happen. although nothing most people would find overly joyful happened, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

First, Ben only woke up ONCE last night!! That means he slept 6 hours, then 4 hours! Too cool....

Kaia headed out the door for her last day at this school, and I started coffee. Mike sat down at his computer to mess around for a bit and I checked email. Just a nice relaxing morning.

Mike went on a box hunt and was successful! He came back with several good ones, including 3 perfect book packing boxes. Together we taped them closed on the bottom and emptied almost one full bookcase! It was awesome to just spend time with my husband.

Then we made Harvest Muffins (at some point will post recipe) together, while sharing a leftover burrito. Again, just spending the time leisurely with my man was just too cool. There was no homework sitting in the background calling him, no other work that we HAD to do. Ben snoozed in his swing behind us as we stirred and chopped and Mike fed me bites of burrito goodness.

Then Andrea called and asked if I wanted to join her for some last minute Christmas shopping. Of course, there is only one answer to that, so she picked me up and we headed out, leaving Ben in his daddy's capable hands. We fortified ourselves with a couple of Baskin Robbins coffee drinks (and I picked up a small container of bubble gum ice cream (can you say oh my god, yuck?!) for Kaia and Mike (yes, my husband likes pink bubblegum ice cream. crazy, I know).

We headed to the store and wandered happily about. I picked up a set of reindeer antlers for Kaia, which was meant to be a Christmas gift, but turned into a feel-better gift (more on that later), and found 3 books for Ben's Santa gift. One of the books Andrea found and was extremely generous in letting me have it, as it was the only one left--it has black and white pictures of animals that look like they are moving when you move the page. Much cooler than it sounds, trust me.

I came home to my family-Kaia had a half day today-and discovered Kaia had fell at school and skinned up her nose and mouth. She was okay, but I gave her the antler-headband to help her feel better. Ate a Harvest Muffin, then sat on the couch and listened to her read a book she got in class today. Ben is now sleeping on me, sweet sweet boy, and Kaia and Mike came in from playing outside for a bit.

excellent day, don't you agree?


mom said...

ah, yes, this is a profoundly relaxing piece, just reading about it.....I am so glad for you, for your family, for the fact that we will always be able to share stuff, be friends. Give Mike hug for me, and Kaia, and kiss wee Ben. I love you guys, each and all.

Carol Chen Lord said...

Yes. Life is good. Please kiss Kaia's little bruise for me. Tell her I bet once she recovers, she will be prettier and stronger. Love to hear Ben slept for six hours straight. Good for you, isn't it? The day you get enough sleep isn't too far now. And you know what? With this speed, before we know it, you'll be talking about Ben's GPA!