Tuesday, December 18, 2007

baby faces and a word I don't like....

When Kaia was an itty bitty newborn, I was always sad I didn't have a video camera to capture the absolutely marvelous faces she made when sleeping. I swore when Ben was born that I'd remember to catch him sleeping on film (on electrons? whatever...)

so of course I didn't get around to it, and suddenly I realized he's reached the ripe old age of almost-three-months and he has stopped making faces while sleeping. I am disappointed in myself! One of the cutest things about newborn-hood and I slacked it.

In other news, we are taking Kaia to the doctor today because she has an ongoing cramp in her leg where her thigh meets her inner hip. ( I really hate the word groin, so wasn't going to use it, but I don't want people to think I don't know the word for that area....sigh....so my pride is forcing me to tell you I DO know the word, just don't want to use it! but using it in telling you, so might as well have used it in telling you about her cramp, and I'm going to go now...)

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Carol Chen Lord said...

So how did the check up go?

Hey dear, do you have a photo with me (or ML) with Ben in it? If so, can you send over? If you can't find one, not to worry. Just thought I check with you...