Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oh Honey.....

My husband cracks me up. In an IloveyoutodeathbutHELLO!! sort of way, occasionally.

case in point:

FRIDAY, (writing this on Sunday) Mike went to an event put on by the Electronic Music Association at the University. He is the president, so spent a lot of energy making sure it all went well....that's his only excuse...well, and that it ended at 2 am.

Wait! He has one more excuse...he RARELY drives anywhere...he walks to work, and school.

SO. He drives the car to the event. Gets home around 2:30-3 am. Comes to bed.

Saturday, we spent at home...

This evening, Kaia, Ben and I had a Halloween party to go to, so we got ready and headed out the door....

Two minutes later, I call Mike... "Honey, where is the car?"

"The car?" he answers.

"Yes, THE CAR. Where IS IT?!"

"Oh........... shit." He says. "I forgot it."

He had gotten a ride home.

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