Wednesday, October 17, 2007

no pictures...sorry...tried...

Hello!! I promise I will start trying to write a bit more regularly...but it's been a bit of a blur around here. So here is a catch up blog - with pictures! edited: sorry, blogger is having issues with pictures, will try to post them later....

First things first--

A HUGE THANK YOU to Kathy, Tania, and Andrea for their help these past two weeks. Kathy, playing with Kaia was awesome, and really helped her feel special and loved. Tania, you went above and beyond what was necessary, and I owe you big time for it. Andrea, knowing you are there to call helped me not go totally bonkers, and coming to help made all the difference. I am so lucky to have all of you women as friends, I couldn't ask for better friends. Thank you, from deep in my soul.

Ben is eating extremely birth, he was in the 13th percentile for weight, he is now near the 50th, and weighs almost NINE POUNDS!! (up from 7 lbs, 9 oz. 8 days ago) He is starting to be awake a little more, but still sleeping for the most part. We are working on getting him used to sleeping in the co-sleeper at night, which for the most part is failing, but we have a successful night, or couple of hours, every once in a while. He is the biggest cuddle-bug and loves nothing more than to sleep on someone, belly down. (yes, I know, back is best, he doesn't sleep on his stomach on someone unless that someone is awake.)

Kaia is doing well, and was able to sing Ben to sleep in the car when he was upset, a feat she is very proud of. He knows his sister's voice, and it does calm him. Tania also noticed that when Mike sings, he becomes very peaceful and calm.

I am doing well, though still tired (of course). Tania told me she feels I am handling everything excellently, and who am I to argue? :-) I only hope I can keep on top of things after she leaves, as it is easy to handle everything when someone else is doing your dishes, and laundry, and is currently upstairs vacuuming and has threatened you if you try to help!!

I filled out a survey this morning, and for the first time, checked the "stay at home mom" part instead of the "work full time away from home mom" part. hee hee....can't help it, it made me giggle. I am loving not working! I do miss the interaction with people a bit though...but can do that in other ways, especially after we move and I can join mommy groups and such.

All right, that is enough droning on for are alla YOU doing?!

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