Monday, October 29, 2007

feeling down....but working up.

This was a bit of a tiring day. Ben didn't sleep very well last night, not even his normal 2 hour portions.

Kaia got out of school early - will all this week- because of parent-teacher conferences. So she came home and made the living room even more of a mess than it was....and yes, the rest of the mess was mine. Hard to bend down when your baby uses you as a bed ALL FREAKIN' DAY AND NIGHT.

Anyway, Kaia spent the time I was at the conference with John at work. She loves hanging out with him, they get along awesomely. Conference went well, Kaia's doing fine in all areas (no big surprise to me) One thing that was a bit surprising is her reading level. She is a MARVELOUS reader at home, and though she is in one of the higher levels, on the assessment she missed several words that I KNOW she has down pat. Ah well....not going to stress about it or anything, I just wish she'd apply what she knows.

Did a small grocery shopping afterwards, not much since I'll be getting more on my food stamp card in a few days. I made hamburger strogonoff for dinner, and Kaia loudly voiced her dislike of the mushrooms. She is currently trying to out-wait me in the how-much-dinner-must-be-consumed-to-get-dessert. Little does she know that I am about to take her bowl, heave it into the sink, and send her to bed. patience...I must....find...patience.....

I also have a headache, though that's going away since I took something for it.

Oh! another thing to bitch about....I had forgotten that Mike had a meeting tonight, so wouldn't be home for dinner tonight and I was really looking forward to spending some time with him, he's so busy with school right now.

okay, bitching done. I am thankful for my husband and my children. I am thankful Kaia is doing well in school. I am thankful we can be here for Mike to be able to go to school. I am thankful Ben is gaining weight so well.
I may be a bit grumpy, but I AM aware of how lucky I continue to be.....

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