Monday, September 22, 2008

excuses, excuses

I really wish I could send you over to John's blog, because he cracks me up with his insane meanderings! Sadly, he uses MySpace, and on MySpace, he has chosen to make his blog private, so only his "friends" can read it! So you miss out on a wonderful entry about Cub Scouts, pubic vs. public, beer, discussions of gourds, confessions about crooked toes and sex, and more! All in the same post.

He also requested I blog more. I know I haven't written much, I have just been really busy, and I'm about to get much more so. School starts again this week (for me) and so any time I have will be dedicated to family or homework. With an occasional frenzy of house cleaning. I do apologize to the 5 readers I have. I will try to at least post a picture or two from time to time.

be back when I can.

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