Monday, August 04, 2008

Here's to seventy seven more.

Last week we all took a walk down to the park. Kaia has been doing all sorts of things by herself lately (taking the rent check to the office!) and so Mike and I were watching her go into the bathroom at the park to wash her hands. She came back out, grinned at us, took a drink at the water fountain, and started back up the hill. This summer she has grown so much. She's tall and thin and full of energetic movement.

"Look how long she's getting...." I say in awe as she strides up the hill.

"Yeah...." Mike answers. "Seven years old!"

I grin at him.

"How did we know?" He asks me. "How did we know after so little time together 7 years ago what we wanted so definitely?" He's referring to how I got pregnant (planned) only 3 months after we met again. (We knew each other in high school, met again 7 years after graduation)

"Cause we're that damn smart," I say flippantly. He grins at me.

All self-professed intelligence aside, how did we know? How could we be so confident in our brand new relationship that we were so willing to bring a child into it? That we immediately started planning our wedding and life together?

I have no clue. But what I DO know is that now, 8 years later, with two kids, two cats, a few dreams come true and lots of dreams as yet unrealized, is that there is no one I would rather be with. Mike, you bring out the best in me, and you balance out the worst. You love me unreservedly. You are the best Da Da ever. I love this life we've made.

I love you. Hugely, loudly, unreservedly. Happy, happy, happy 7th Anniversary, darlin'. I'll get the steak and 'tots, you download the movie! ;-)

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Carol Chen Lord said...

Oh, how romantic, how wonderful, I'm going to show Micheal this. So nice to know you are happy and what a lovely family you four make. It puts a big smile on my face that will last a long long time.